Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dance workout to shape your body with fun

SLIMJAM Workout is a stress releasing and weight reducing workout for men only with little or no prior dance training. Everyone is welcome. Dance . . .your belly Flat and body fit!
Multiple benefits like:
Get healthy and vital
Feel happy & confident
Tone your Abs and loose excessive weight
Learn to dance to surprise your sweet heart!

Continue below and find out all about about SLIMJAM

SLIMJAM… …………Workout only for Men
This fun Workout is a hybrid of techniques developed especially for men only with little or no prior training in dance (and for those who would like to return to dance after some time away from it). The only requirement is the desire to learn. SLIMJAM is designed to build strength, stamina and coordination, while gently but progressively increasing flexibility and abdominal muscles . One develops those musicality and artistry while training to become skilled in a form of self expression. As a bonus there is a marked reduction in tension, stress and weight which will amaze you after just a few sessions!
The workout consists of three primary elements:
• The first is stretching techniques taught in a “body friendly” style
• Second is correct “placement”, or body alignment which supports a return to organic posture based on the techniques of African Cultural Dancing.
• The third element is consciously directed use/penetration of the abdominal muscles area which has a amazing effect on Colon health and prostate rejuvenation .
This will increase and re-boost your Immune system for optimum health.
Dancing in any form creates a state of relaxed invigoration and a myriad of benefits.
Slim Jam work out is a new expanded version of our Belly Dance Workouts with the change of the moves being transformed into masculine movements, adding the element of high energy funky jazz and soul dance.
This Work out can be scheduled by appointment for groups, companies and individuals, and is suitable to be taught in the workplace.

Dance Workouts as Exercise
-On Thursday 25 September2008 We will be offering free 'mini-work out ' for Men at The Event Place …. For more information please call :
(876) 484 1165
Stress Reducing Workout for Non-Dancers
We also teach Salsa, Foxtrot and Ball Room Dancing any age .
But the most exiting one is the courses in Belly dance for all the beautiful Ladies in Jamaica …So anyone has their own program and can loose weight with fun to feel confident with his/her figure at all time.
If you dare to do something different, why not come along to try a free introductory of SLIMJAM with Sigrid at the Event Place every Monday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8.00pm Any question feel free to ask. Us.
Mrs. Sigrid Ribbe is not only a Holistic Health Practitioner who focused on a 100% Natural and holistic health program for anyone and any ailment . She studied over 23 years to create an Optimum health which includes Dancing as a very important asset.
The Soul southing effect and vitality gained through Dancing is on of the key;s to energize Body Mind and Spirit in the same time.
She is over many years also a dance teacher with passion and has developed this so amazing effective workout for men with a conscious mind and lot’s of love.